Meet Channelle

I have always been into fitness from a young age and that love grew to me representing Great Britain as a former 100m hurdler after I got injured it was a no brainer I knew I wanted to help people become their best self.

I incorporated everything that I have learned and experienced over the years to produce bespoke fitness programs, meal plans, and training sessions so individuals like you can achieve your fitness goals.

I have a positive mindset when it comes to fitness and that positivity translates into having fun and creative result-driven session for my clients and it’s these very sessions that are producing amazing results and the sheer joy I get knowing that I made a positive difference to someone’s life is priceless. In addition to being a certified personal trainer, I’m also a qualified massage therapist.

I aim to help you identify your fitness goals, design an exercise program that fits your needs, and guide you through every exercise, every workout until your goal is achieved let’s do this.