The purpose of an exercise programme is to help you achieve health and fitness goals. All exercise will be explained and demonstrated to you by the trainer before you the client dose so and have opportunities  to ask questions. 

The sessions are designed to minimise risk yet, at the same time, provide an effective exercise/activity programme based on your goal. Please inform the trainer if there is any reason why you should not participate in an activity (e.g. If you have an illness or an injury which might be aggravated by exercise).

The trainer is not liable for any  potential injuries that may be caused during sessions due to undisclosed injury or prior injuries from the client therefore no financial claims can be made.

You will be set a programme based upon your present activity/exercise levels and your stated goals.


 After purchasing a personal training / group session a client has 24hrs to claim their money back if their have changed their minds after that they will be unable to claim it back as I operate a no refund policy. 

If you miss a class & not cancelled or rescheduled before the 12hr time frame no refund is issued. If you brought a block of Personal training sessions and used for example 5  out of 10 sessions no refund can issued for the remaining 5 sessions they’re can only be used by yourself or gifted to a friend/family member. 

If you paid for a group of 5 people and only 3 of your party turned up no refunds are issued for the 2 people that didn’t show.

however only under these circumstances will a refund be issued:

.Any Injuries caused by the trainer to the client resulting in the client not being able to train for a month or longer.

.The trainer failed to turn up for the clients session on more than 2 occoasions

3 strike rule

I’m aware we are all busy people forget, not turn up and things/life happens however i operate a 3 strike rule meaning you get 3 chances to keep your sessions if you failed to notify me 24hr prior to your session starting after that time frame any cancellations or rescheduling of personal training/ group sessions will result in you losing your session.  

You agree to take part in the programme described to me by the instructor. The nature, purpose, risks and benefits have been explained to me and I understand what is required of me and that I may withdraw at any time.